About the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) Scheme

The Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB) was founded in the UK in 1946 as a private company and is the mechanism in the UK through which compensation is provided for victims of accidents caused by uninsured and untraced drivers, which is funded by an estimated £30 a year from every insured driver's premiums.

The Motor Insurers Bureau is in agreement with the Government to compensate people who have been involved in accidents which were caused by uninsured or untraced drivers. The  Road Traffic Act 1988, requires every insurer dealing with compulsory motor insurance to belong to the MIB and to contribute to its funding.

The MIB run three types of schemes that help the victims of negligent drivers named "The uninsured drivers scheme", "The untraced driver’s scheme" and "The green card scheme".

The Uninsured Drivers Scheme 

This scheme deals with compensation claims arising out of accidents caused or contributed to by an uninsured driver. Where it is shown that no policy of insurance exists covering the responsible party’s vehicle, the MIB will consider dealing with a claim for compensation from the “victim”. Liability still needs to be assessed but because the negligent (and uninsured) party has been formally identified, the MIB recognise that the innocent victim has rights of full legal redress once fault is proven. This assumes that the MIBs own claims criteria are met.

Claims will be considered for the cost of repairing/replacing your vehicle (comprehensively insured policyholders precluded), hire charges, loss of use and property damage. An injured party can also claim for treatment and/or rehabilitation for pain and suffering. Legal costs are paid in full by the MIB once the claim is proven.

The Untraced Drivers Agreement (Hit and Run) Scheme 

This scheme applies to the victims of hit and run driver accidents. Where the driver deemed to be responsible for an accident, leaves the scene and is not traced, the MIB will consider a claim for compensation in respect of both property and personal injury damages. The MIB will only consider claims for damages relating to your vehicle when your injuries resulted in, at least, 4 nights of continuous hospitalisation and those damages are not covered by an alternative insurance policy.

The Green Card Scheme 

This scheme involves accidents caused by the negligent driving of foreign motorists. The MIB will under certain circumstances agree to step in and deal with claims from innocent victims of such accidents, rather than force the injured victim to seek compensation from a potentially uncommunicative foreign insurer.

Our Service

Our team specialise in helping victims of road traffic accidents involving uninsured and untraced drivers claim compensation through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau. The Motor insurance Bureau are an organisation funded through contributory payments, from policy premiums, by the Insurance industry. The scheme pays compensation to Claimants who suffer a loss due to an incident involving an uninsured or untraced motor vehicle.

For Untraced cases we can represent you in making your claim through the Motor Insurers Bureau scheme and could ensure that you receive the maximum compensation pay out subject to the evidence available. We operate on a No Win No Fee* basis and do not ask for any up front payments. When the driver of the vehicle is un insured but has been identified it may be necessary to make a recommendation to use a firm of solicitors to represent you in making your claim.

How we are paid

Your claim will be dealt with on a 'No Win No Fee*' basis. We only get paid once you receive your compensation. We take a standard fee of 25% . There are no hidden charges that are added to this amount. For example if you are awarded £1000 you will receive £750 after our fee, inclusive of VAT, has been deducted from your award.


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